Southern card game  New88 – Hunt for attractive rewards

Surely no one is too unfamiliar with Southern card game  New88today Is that right, bettors? However, what is so special about the game rules and the way to receive rewards that attracts players so much? Let’s find out together in the article below New88 to pocket the most useful information.

Things to note when playing southern card game  New88

First of all when participating in the gameSouthern Tien Len  New88, the following notes will help everyone a lot. Because this is a game of chance, please analyze carefully before playing:

  • This is one of the games that uses a deck of cards consisting of 52 cards.
  • In particular, the size of the cards is arranged in ascending order from 2 to 10 and followed by J, Q, K, A. Card number 3 will be the smallest and number 2 must be the largest.
  • As for the suit, it is arranged according to: Hearts, diamonds, clubs, spades. Among them, spades are the smallest and hearts play the highest role.
  • There must be a minimum of 2 people in a game to advance to the South and a maximum of 4 people.

Rules of playing Tien Tien card game at  New88

Especially to learn more about Southern card game  New88, we provide the most detailed and easy-to-understand game rules. Surely the information below will help you increase your winning rate:

  • At the beginning of a game, each person will be dealt 13 cards.
  • Players take turns playing cards counterclockwise.
  • In the first game, whoever has 3 spades will have the right to go first. And from now on, the winner will have the opportunity to play first.
  • In each turn, you need to play a card that can block your opponent’s cards. Otherwise, that turn will be lost and given to someone else.
  • If no one can block the card that someone else has just played, it is considered over. And that person will continue to play any arbitrary card in his or her set.
  • Especially if the person with the last card has played all the cards but no one has caught the remaining 3 people, then the most recent turn is the right hand of the person who has returned.
  • The game ends when the player plays all the cards in his hand.

Experience in playing Tien Len card game in the South,  New88 is super effective

Especially enthusiasts Southern Tien Len  New88 This content cannot be ignored.  New88 will bring you tips to always win, drawn from experts as follows:

Understand the game rules and regulations when dealing cards

First tip when playing Southern Tien Len  New88 is understanding and analyzing the rules of the game. If you study carefully, “winning every chance” is not too difficult. With almost any game, if you want to win, you need to clearly understand the rules and regulations it sets out.

In case you do not clearly understand the rules of card games, you will definitely play by inertia. This leads to you being confused at the beginning of the match and playing haphazardly, leading to losing a large amount of money.

If you participate in the advance game, you need to understand many strategies to win, so understanding the rules is even more necessary. Especially when you learn the law, you will have full confidence and make the most accurate decisions.

Use psychological strategies when playing

Second tip when playing Southern Tien Len  New88 is to maintain psychological stability. This strategy is often applied when you play directly outside.

Using psychological attacks is also a trick used by experts. At that time, you will use actions or words to affect the opponent’s spirit. And in the case of online play, you can use tricks to distract the other person.

You should closely monitor the progress of the game

The third tip lies in observing the entire match process. Here, players are required to have a certain sensitivity. In particular, you must carefully observe and analyze the game to know which direction it is going.

However, to get good skills, you need to spend time practicing and watching as many hands as possible. Once you know the situation, you will easily be able to come up with specific strategies for the gameSouthern Tien Len  New88.

Think carefully before making a decision to play cards

When participating Southern Tien Len  New88, you need to be careful with your moves. Because if one step is wrong, it will lead to ruining the entire game position that you have set out from the beginning.

Practice observing how other people play to be able to calculate more accurately. When playing cards, absolutely do not rush to avoid mistakes that will cause you to lose in the most regrettable way.
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Use safe strategies when playing cards

The final strategy when playing forward is the safety rule. Don’t take this tip lightly because card games are one of the real money games. Therefore, when starting any game, it is necessary to follow this rule.

This helps you limit the loss of money unjustly as well as ensure the safest source of playing capital. However, know when to stop to avoid falling and losing.


Through the previous article, all the information about the game Southern Tien Len  New88 has been summarized. If you want to know more useful information, don’t forget to follow and update the game page regularly.

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