36 standard lottery numbers today – Predict 36 easy-to-win numbers every day

The 36-number lottery is a lottery number to play with 36 numbers. These numbers are filtered from the numbers with the highest output potential. If you have never been exposed to how to play 36 numbers, the article below will explain to you and give you more options when betting.
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What is a 36-digit number?

The 36-number pattern is a new, modern method of playing lottery. Specifically, you need to choose 36 different numbers (from 00 to 99). Then you bet on the lottery for these numbers. When playing using the 36-number spread method, you can play in the following ways:

  • Bet on all 36 numbers in the spread every day.
  • You can bet in pairs, 00 – 01, 29 – 92, 34 – 43,…
  • Bet on sets, 3-way parlays like 00 – 49 – 94, 23 – 45 – 67,…

The probability of winning among 36 numbers will be higher than a lottery with 20 or 30 numbers. Although there is a downside: you are likely to lose more money, but the probability of you hitting one of these 36 numbers every day is also very high.

Updated the 36 immortals theme today

Day 36 lottery numbers Result
10/01/2024 02;04;06;09;10;12;13;16;17;20;22;23;26;27;30;32;35;36;39;



Wait for results
09/01/2024 02;04;05;08;11;12;14;15;18;20;21;24;26;28;



08/01/2024 03;09;15;17;21;22;23;24;55;26;27;28;29;33;



07/01/2024 05;06;15;16;25;26;35;36;37;38;39;40;41;

42;43;44;45;46; 47;48;99;50;51;52;53;54;55;


06/01/2024 00;01;02;03;0.4;05;06;07;08;09;10;11;



eat the 10
05/01/2024 10;11;12;13;14;15;16;17;18;19;20;



04/01/2024 20;21;22;23;24;25;26;



eat the 11-40
03/01/2024 30;31;32;33;36,35;37;38;39;40;41;



Take the 95-99
02/01/2024 40;41;42;43;4.4;45;46;47;48;49;



winning the lottery 56-02
01/01/2024 06;09;15;19;25;29;35;39;45;49;50




Methods for playing 36 numbers

Below are some methods of playing lottery with 36 numbers. These ways of playing help increase the odds of hitting the 36 easiest winning numbers when playing online lottery.

36-number lottery for 3 days

Raising for 3 days means you will bet continuously for 3 days, the winning rate in these 3 days is very high. Because 36 numbers have been screened from the numbers 00 to 99 with the highest winning rate. Therefore, the possibility of winning when playing continuously for 3 days is very high.

With the 36-frame 3-day lottery system, you can double and increase every day, or bet on fixed money and bet daily. This is the way you will put in money reasonably and easily make a profit when spreading 36 numbers in a 3-day frame.

Outline of 36 numbers for 2 days

Similar to playing the 36-number 3-day lottery, the 2-day frame means you will play continuously for 2 days with this lottery. This way of playing helps you change your choices faster and safer. However, 2 days is not quite the time to change your choice. In fact, this way of playing is for players who like to experience luck with many different numbers.

Raise 36 numbers according to touch

This is how you will choose the 36 numbers on the “touch” of the special prize or first prize of the previous drawing. For example, if today’s special prize is 02, players should choose a set of 36 numbers including numbers touching 0 and 2. Typically 00, 01, 02, 03, 04, 05, 06,…, 20, 21, 22 , 29,…


Above is all the informationrikvip About the 36-number lottery, effective methods of playing 36-frame 3-day 247 lottery, 2-day betting, touch-based betting, etc. The 36-number lottery is always a safe, scientific, and researched choice for betting. carefully. Hopefully through the article, you will have more information and start your lottery battles.

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