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What is online chess? Why is it loved by so many people? It can be said that this game is a super intellectual subject upgraded from the traditional version to an extremely unique and convenient online version. You can easily set bets, find teammates to challenge without having to worry about anything. Because of this convenience, this game is loved and participated by many people. However, not everyone fully understands this subject, so let’s go together New88 Find out in detail in the article below.

What is online chess?

Online chess is a fighting game between two or three players on a chessboard. This is a game that is quite simple in form but extremely complex in chess positions. Each move must be carefully calculated, analyzed logically and have a good playing strategy to win.
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This is a game that uses a lot of the brain. It requires you to focus on reasoning and good thinking to make the right decisions. If you take a wrong position, you may be defeated right at the hands of your opponent.

Summary of the most popular online chess games

And here New88 has compiled for you the chess games that many people know as well as how to use them fluently to participate in betting. As follows:

Chinese chess

Chess originated in China and it has been widely popular in neighboring countries including Vietnam. This is a subject online chess describes the fighting between the two countries and their target is the General army. This is a fighting game with a maximum of 2 players. Each player will receive 16 chess pieces and your task is to fight and protect the General from enemies. Please master all the moves and tasks of each chess piece before participating.


Chess is also an intellectual game that many people know and participate in quite a lot. It is also a form of fighting between two people on one table online chess. But the chess pieces will be clearly different from Chinese chess.

The chess board will have alternating black and white squares and each position will have corresponding chess pieces standing there. A player will receive 16 pieces: 1 king, 1 queen, 2 bishops, 2 knights, 2 rooks and 8 pawns. Your mission is to capture your opponent’s king and you will win.


Go online is a game with black and white chess pieces with extremely simple rules. The player’s goal is to surround as much of the opponent’s territory as possible to win. Each player will have different playing strategies and must be very sure of their moves to ensure nothing goes wrong.
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The scope of play is larger than other disciplines online chess Otherwise, the competition time will also be longer. It is known that Go is a game of the intellectual aristocracy in China that has been present for a long time since ancient times.

Experience playing online chess for newbies

To be able to easily win the game online chess For this, you need to equip yourself with basic knowledge about the game and real combat experience. In addition to creating good playing strategies for yourself, you need to invest in an extremely sturdy set of iron armor to be able to win on all fronts. Specific experiences are as follows:

Concentrate – be patient – ​​calm enough

One player online chess Professionalism requires you to be highly focused when playing. Not only that, you need to be alert enough to make the decision to play chess in the correct position according to the strategy you set out earlier. Above all, you need to patiently wait for the right opportunity to attack your opponent and win. Practice these skills to be able to compete most confidently in chess casino Please.

Logical thinking

When playing online chess Thinking logically or analyzing and predicting the moves of the chess situation is extremely important. A professional player must have sharp thinking and always make the right decisions. Not only that, you also have to equip yourself with good playing strategies to defeat your opponents.

Enhance intelligence – brain

Come to the subject online chess is something that helps you improve your intelligence quickly. Your brain will be more active and analyzing or judging anything will be quick and effective. This not only helps you play chess but also allows you to be flexible in all activities in daily life.

Strengthen relationships

When coming to the subject online chess You will meet your serious opponents. From there, many relationships are established within the game. You can easily find friends on chat groups and game portals to exchange and learn about chess playing experiences. From there, we can derive a lot of knowledge and creative strategies.


Online chess is a super intellectual game loved and supported by young people at New88. It can be said that this is a game that is both entertaining and intellectual, stimulating the human brain to operate sensitively and expertly. Regularly practice, improve your knowledge and plan the perfect playing strategy to be able to defeat all serious opponents. We hope that New88 playground can accompany you in all matches in the most professional and transparent way.

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