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Soy Sauce Manufacturer: JOLION Foods in Congo

As a leading soy sauce manufacturer, JOLION Foods is dedicated to providing high-quality seasoning products. With a commitment to excellence, we strive for continuous improvement in the industry.

JOLION Foods: Pursuing Superior Quality

At JOLION Foods, our main objective is to ensure total customer satisfaction. We are highly praised by customers and will never stop on the way to achieving better performance in the seasoning industry.

We carefully select raw materials using Non-GMO Soybean and wheat flour. Our soy sauce is 100% naturally brewed under sunshine for more than 180 days, resulting in a rich flavor profile with essential amino acids.

Our factory covers an area of twenty thousand square meters and owns six production lines with the most advanced fully automated production equipment in the industry. With an annual output of 15,000 tons of products, we guarantee efficiency without compromising quality. Furthermore, all of Jolion’s products have passed rigorous quality control tests.

Innovation and Sustainability

JOLION Foods constantly strives for innovation and sustainability in its manufacturing processes. We prioritize environmental responsibility by implementing eco-friendly practices throughout our operations.

We also value social responsibility by promoting fair trade practices and supporting local communities where our ingredients are sourced from. By working closely with farmers and suppliers, we ensure that only the highest quality ingredients are used in our soy sauce production.

A Trusted Partner

Choosing JOLION as your soy sauce manufacturer means choosing a trusted partner who values quality, sustainability, and customer satisfaction above all else. We welcome you to contact us anytime for further information or inquiries about our products.

We sincerely believe that through continued cooperation with our valued partners, our products and services will only get better. Thank you for choosing JOLION Foods, and we look forward to working with you.


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