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SmallRig Follow Focus System for Camera Cages: F60 3850 – Adjustable Non-Stop Damping for Comfortable Operation

SmallRig presents the Follow Focus F60 3850, a game-changing follow focus system designed to elevate your filmmaking to new heights. With its adjustable non-stop damping, this innovative follow focus system ensures a seamless and comfortable operation that enhances your focus pulling experience. Engineered to seamlessly integrate with camera cages, the SmallRig Follow Focus F60 delivers precise and smooth focus control, allowing you to achieve professional-level results.

Comfortable and Smooth Operation with Adjustable Non-Stop Damping

The SmallRig Follow Focus F60 3850 is designed with your comfort in mind. The adjustable non-stop damping feature ensures a smooth and effortless operation, allowing you to focus on capturing the perfect shot without any distractions.

With non-stop damping, you can smoothly adjust the focus without encountering any resistance or jumps. This seamless operation enables precise control over your focus, resulting in professional-quality footage.

Fine-Tune the Damping to Achieve the Perfect Resistance for Focus Pulls

The F60’s adjustable non-stop damping allows you to fine-tune the resistance to achieve the perfect amount of tension for your focus pulls. Whether you prefer a lighter touch or a firmer resistance, you can easily customize the damping to suit your individual preferences and shooting style.

By having precise control over the damping, you can execute smooth and accurate focus pulls, ensuring your subject remains in sharp focus throughout your shots. This level of control elevates the quality of your footage, giving it a polished and cinematic feel.


SmallRig Follow Focus F60 3850, featuring adjustable non-stop damping for comfortable and smooth operation. Experience a customizable focus pulling experience with the ability to fine-tune the damping to achieve the perfect resistance. SmallRig empowers you to take control of your focus, allowing you to capture stunning footage with ease.

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