Essential Guide to Choosing the Right Localization Testing Company for Your Game

Introduction to Localization Testing

Localization testing is essential in creating any software product, including video games. Ensuring a product or service is linguistic, cultural, and technologically appropriate for a specific target market. It is a complex procedure that necessitates a thorough grasp of the target audience’s culture, language, and tastes.

This approach is critical in the gaming business, where a game’s success may be determined by its ability to connect with gamers worldwide. Because of the worldwide nature of the video game business, firms frequently seek to make their games available to as many gamers as possible, regardless of region or language. This is where a localization testing company may help.

A localization testing company offers specialist services to assist game makers in adapting their goods for other markets. They are responsible for ensuring that the game’s content, including text, music, and images, is appropriate and exciting for the intended audience. They also look for cultural sensitivities and ensure the game follows local norms and standards.

The Importance of Game Localization Testing

Game localization testing is critical to a video game’s success worldwide. It guarantees that a game is culturally suitable and accessible to gamers from many locations. A game may only be understood and enjoyed by its target audience if thorough localization testing is performed, resulting in a good user experience and perhaps a loss of sales.

Testing for game localization goes beyond mere translation. It entails tailoring the game’s content and interface to the cultural and linguistic subtleties of the target market. This might involve updating aesthetics, narrative, and game mechanics to ensure the game is relatable and entertaining to the intended audience.

Furthermore, game localization testing guarantees that a game complies with local laws and regulations. This is critical to prevent legal complications due to cultural insensitivity or noncompliance with local rules. As a result, it is evident why selecting a skilled localization testing business is critical for any game developer seeking worldwide success.

Understanding Localization Testing Services

Localization testing services include a variety of procedures meant to guarantee that a product is market-ready. These services are often provided in the context of video games and include linguistic testing, cultural consultancy, and technological testing.

Linguistic testing includes examining the text and audio of the game for correctness and appropriateness. This covers not just the correctness of the translation but also the tone, style, and cultural aspects.

Examining the game’s content for any potential cultural sensitivities is what cultural consulting entails. This might range from color schemes and character designs to plot components and game mechanisms.

Technical testing, on the other hand, comprises evaluating the game’s performance on typical hardware and software configurations found in the target market. This ensures the game works with local networks, devices, and operating systems.

The Role of a Localization Testing Company in Game Development

A localization testing company is significant in game production, primarily when the game is intended for worldwide markets. Their knowledge and abilities can differentiate between a game that connects with its intended audience and one that falls flat.

To begin, a localization testing company may give significant insights into the tastes and expectations of the target market. This can assist game creators in creating a game that is accessible and appealing to the intended audience.

Second, a localization testing company may assist in avoiding costly errors. Missteps in culture or translation problems can result in unwanted press and harm a game’s image. These dangers can be reduced by doing extensive localization testing.

Finally, a localization testing company can aid in the process of localization. They can assist in speeding up the localization process while maintaining quality using their skills and specific tools.

Key Factors to Consider When Selecting a Localization Testing Company

There are various essential considerations to consider while selecting a localization testing company. These include the company’s skills, experience, and knowledge of the target market. Consider their technical ability as well as the quality of their past work.

Experience is an important consideration. A business with a track record of success in game localization testing is more likely to be dependable and skilled. Furthermore, knowledge of your game’s genre or style might greatly benefit.

Another crucial component is understanding the target market. The organization should be thoroughly aware of the target market’s culture, language, and tastes. This is critical for a good localization.

Technical talents should be examined as well. The organization should have the tools and technology necessary to undertake thorough and effective localization testing.

Finally, the caliber of their prior work should be assessed. This will give you an idea of what to expect from their services.

Steps to Choosing the Right Game Localization Testing Company

There are various methods to choose the best game localization testing company. First, determine your requirements. Determine which components of your game require localization and to what extent. This can assist you in deciding what services you need from the testing firm.

Following that, perform research. Seek out firms that specialize in game localization testing. Examine their qualifications, check reviews, and examine their portfolio. This will help you grasp their skills and dependability.

Request for bids after shortlisting suitable firms. This will comprehensively summarize their services, fees, and timescales. Compare these bids to choose the provider that best meets your needs and budget.

Finally, request a pilot test before making a choice. This will provide you with personal knowledge of the company’s services and allow you to make an educated selection.

What to Expect From a Linguistic Game Testing Process

Linguistic game testing is an essential component of game localization. It entails reviewing the text and audio material of the game for language accuracy and cultural appropriateness.

The testers will play the game in its entirety during linguistic game testing to look for any language-related difficulties. They will review the game’s dialogues, interface text, subtitles, and other text material for authenticity, cultural appropriateness, and consistency.

In addition to linguistic checks, the testers will look for potential cultural sensitivities in the game’s content. This involves inspecting the game’s graphics, plot components, and gaming mechanics.

Following the testing process, you may anticipate a full report explaining the issues discovered and possible solutions. The testing company may also make suggestions to improve the game’s localization.

Case Studies: Successful Game Localization Testing

A game’s global success can be significantly influenced by successful localization testing. Several case studies demonstrate the value of rigorous and competent localization testing.

The localization of “The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt” is one example. The game was translated into 15 languages, with each version thoroughly tested and suited to the intended audience. The game’s successful localization contributed significantly to its global success.

Another example is the “Overwatch” localization. Blizzard Entertainment collaborated closely with a localization testing business to adapt the game for different regions. Linguistic testing, cultural counseling, and technological testing were all part of the localization process. The game’s appeal in South Korea and China has been attributed to its good localization.


Selecting the best localization testing company for your game is essential to worldwide success. A skilled localization testing company can assist you in ensuring that your game is culturally relevant, linguistically correct, and technically compatible with the settings of the target market.

When selecting a localization testing business, consider the company’s expertise, awareness of the target market, technological skills, and the quality of their prior work. Remember that the most excellent firm for your game will be one that knows your game, its aims, and its target audience.

The significance of localization testing in games cannot be emphasized. As “The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt” and “Overwatch” case studies demonstrate good game localization may contribute significantly to a game’s worldwide popularity. Invest in skilled localization testing services to steer your game to global success.

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