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Advancing Energy Storage: Great Power’s Liquid-Cooled Battery Solutions

In the realm of cutting-edge energy storage, Great Power stands as a pioneer, showcasing their commitment to innovation through liquid cooled batteries. The LiqRack series, including LiqRack-1P416S and LiqRack-1P360S, epitomizes their dedication to excellence. Great Power’s liquid-cooled packs operate in parallel, offering a remarkable 20% longer cycle life compared to air-cooled counterparts. With a wide operating temperature range from -40 ℃ to 60 ℃ and boasting a high protection level of IP67, these batteries are engineered to thrive in diverse environmental conditions.

LiqPack Innovation

Enter the LiqPack series, featuring LiqPack-1P48S 280Ah and LiqPack-1P52S 280Ah, tailored for container and cabinet energy storage systems. These liquid-cooled packs go beyond conventional solutions with thermal insulation between cells, eliminating heat diffusion. Great Power ensures a uniform temperature difference within 2 ℃, a crucial factor guaranteeing stability and reliability in energy storage setups.

Enhanced Performance

Great Power’s liquid cooled batteries set a new standard for performance and sustainability in energy storage. The LiqRack and LiqPack solutions provide not only exceptional longevity but also demonstrate remarkable adaptability to extreme temperatures. Moreover, their enhanced safety features ensure reliability in demanding conditions, reflecting Great Power’s unwavering commitment to advancing energy storage technology. By combining longevity, temperature resilience, and safety enhancements, Great Power’s liquid-cooled batteries not only outperform traditional solutions but also contribute significantly to a more sustainable energy landscape.


In conclusion, Great Power’s liquid-cooled batteries, exemplified by the LiqRack and LiqPack series, are transformative solutions for energy storage needs. Their dedication to prolonged cycle life, adaptability to harsh conditions, and commitment to environmental sustainability positions Great Power at the forefront of the industry, shaping the future of ess energy storage.

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