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Shine Polymer: Revolutionizing Polymer Additives for Plastics, Rubber, and Electronic Chemicals

Shine Polymer is a leading brand in the polymer industry, specializing in the production and supply of innovative polymer additives. With a dedicated focus on enhancing the performance and extrusion process of polyolefins and engineering plastics, Shine Polymer offers a comprehensive range of cutting-edge solutions.

Shinepoly® Series: Advancing Engineering Plastics

Shine Polymer takes pride in its Shinepoly® series polymer additives specifically designed for engineering plastics. These additives play a crucial role in improving the mechanical properties, thermal stability, and processability of various plastic materials.

Rheopoly® Series: Enhancing Polyolefin Extrusion

For polyolefin extrusion processes, Shine Polymer offers the Rheopoly® series of fluoropolymer-based processing aids. These aids are engineered to improve the extrusion process by reducing melt fracture and enhancing surface quality. By incorporating Rheopoly® additives, manufacturers can achieve higher productivity, better quality control, and increased efficiency in polyolefin extrusion.

Versatile Applications Across Industries

Shine Polymer’s polymer additives find extensive applications across multiple industries, including plastics, rubber, and electronic chemicals. Whether it’s improving the mechanical properties of automotive components or enhancing the electrical conductivity of electronic devices, Shine Polymer’s additives offer tailored solutions to meet diverse industry requirements.

 ISO9001 Certified for Quality Assurance

As an ISO9001 certified company, Shine Polymer places utmost importance on maintaining the highest quality standards. This certification ensures that the company adheres to rigorous quality management systems, implementing strict quality control measures throughout the production process.

Impressive Production Capacity

Shine Polymer boasts impressive production capacities to meet the growing demands of the market. With an Impact Modifier capacity of 14,000 MT/year, an Anti-dripping agent capacity of 3,000 MT/year, and a Polymer Processing Aids capacity of 2,000 MT/year, Shine Polymer has the capability to deliver large volumes of high-quality polymer additives efficiently.


Shine Polymer stands as a trusted partner in the polymer industry, offering a wide range of high-quality polymer additives. As an ISO9001 certified and high-tech enterprise, Shine Polymer prioritizes quality and customer satisfaction, establishing their brand term “Shine Polymer” as synonymous with excellence in the field of polymer additives. As the Thanksgiving Day draws near, Shine Polymer would like to express its gratitude to all of its clients and partners for their unwavering confidence and assistance.

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